Herron’s Class Travels to Agecroft Hall

Dr. Tom Herron’s ENGL 4100/6151 course, “Seventeenth-Century Literature”  took a one-day field trip to Agecroft Hall and Gardens in Richmond, VA. Agecroft Hall is a 16th-century (early modern) English manor house that was transported in the 1920s to Richmond from northern England brick-by-brick and rebuilt there according to its original design: https://www.agecrofthall.org/

Its American owners filled the building with 16th- and (mainly) 17th-century English artifacts about all facets of life in the period, including needlework, portraits, pottery, books, etc., and it has long been open to the public while run by a private foundation. It is a nearly unique experience of its kind in the USA. The trip provided my classes with insights into the culture and history of the period and places they are studying, as well as insight into British and neo-Tudor culture in the US. The Department of English sponsored the trip.