Graduate Handbooks and Forms


For more information on preparing a thesis or dissertation, please refer to the Vireo website, which is ECU’s electronic thesis and dissertation submissions service. It explains the required formatting and required elements.



General forms

  • Directed Reading Course Request – Contact to initiate the process.
  • Event Scheduling Form (Qualtrics) – Submit to schedule an event, such as a CAP/thesis/dissertation defense, prospectus meeting, or comprehensive exams
  • Graduate School Forms
    • Request to Add Certificate
    • Request for Change of Program
    • Thesis to Non-thesis Change
  • Thesis or Dissertation – Required elements, formatting, Signature Page, and NEDL
  • Transfer Credit – Contact to initiate the process.
  • Travel/Event Funding Request – Submit request at least 30 days before departure or virtual event

MA forms

PhD forms