Study Abroad


The Department of English offers a faculty-led summer study abroad in England. This program gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new location while studying alongside other ECU students. If you are interested, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English. You may also find the College’s study abroad opportunities and the University’s Pirates Abroad opportunities helpful.

England (London)

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If you’re interested in traveling to London, seeing the sights, and earning six undergraduate or graduate credits, this is the opportunity for you! You will wing your way to London, England for three weeks of studying the literature, art, design, culture, and folklore of one of the most vibrant, culturally rich cities/countries in the world.

Enrolling in two courses offered during Summer Session 2, you will complete coursework while also spending time exploring the bustling streets and picturesque parks of London proper. You may even choose to spend weekends in nearby Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, or elsewhere in Europe.

Dr. Will Banks and Andrea Kitta have led the trip recently. If you have questions about London, he’s the person to talk to! You can also find more information at PiratesAbroad.

Student Experiences

London was more than I ever imagined. I knew I would love the experiences, the musicals, and the sites. However, I never anticipated the amazing friends and relationships I made along the way. It was one of the greatest adventures of my life!

-Logan Dupree (2023) 

My time in London was one that I’ll always treasure. Having the freedom to partake in my own interest while still having group activities was the perfect blend for a three week trip. Moreover, having the option to select the plays that interested us made everyone feel included in the process instead of having someone decide for us. The instructors are first class, and they are willing to accompany you on your own excursions, as well as provide valuable advice and safety instructions. I highly recommend those interested in having an enriched international experience consider doing a London study abroad program through the Department of English.

– Jamal Alexander (2023)