Kitta Serves on Board

Dr. Andrea Kitta served on the scientific advisory board for Vaccine Hesitancy in the Nordic Countries and was thanked in the preface. This was part of her trip to Lund, Sweden, where she also lectured. She was the only US participant at the event.

“The members of our scientific advisory board – Fausto Colombo, Università Cattolica del Sacre Cuore; Elzbieta Drazkiewicz-Grodzicka, Lund University; Bernice Hausman, Penn State University; Lars-Eric Jönsson, Lund University; and Andrea Kitta, East Carolina University – have throughout our project given us their unfailing support and constant sage advice, for which we are more grateful than words can express. Last but not least, the volume editors would like to express their gratitude to our always helpful and unerringly professional editorial assistant at Routledge, Gemma Rogers.”