James Kirkland

Bate 2102


James Kirkland teaches courses in Folklore, American Literature, and Rhetoric and Composition. His articles and reviews on subjects ranging from Melville’s literary uses of tall tale tradition to composition pedagogy and magico-religious healing traditions have appeared in English Language Notes, Medium Aevum, Western Folklore, North Carolina Folklore Journal, Tar River Poetry, and other journals. And he has co-authored or co-edited seven books, most recently Writing with Confidence: A Modern College Rhetoric (Heath, 1989), Herbal and Magical Medicine: Traditional Healing Today (Duke UP, 1992), and Concise English Handbook, 4th ed. (Houghton, 1997).


  • B.A. University of Florida
  • M.A. University of Florida
  • Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Research Interests

  • 19th Century American Literature
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • Folklore

Courses Taught

  • 19th Century American Literature
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • Folklore

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • ENGL 6625: Teaching Composition: Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 6265: Special Topics Seminar in American LiteratureENGL 6220: The American Renaissance
  • ENGL 5250: The American Novel, 1800-1920
  • ENGL 4250: American Literature, 1865-1920
  • ENGL 4200: American Literature, 1820-1865
  • ENGL 3810: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 3570: American Folklore
  • ENGL 3420: The Short Story
  • ENGL 2201: Writing about the Disciplines
  • ENGL 2200: Major American Writers
  • ENGL 2000: Interpreting Literature
  • ENGL 1100: Foundations of College Writing