Undergraduate Certificates

English undergraduate certificates can easily be added to an English major using the required electives.

Business and Technical Communication Certificate

The certificate in business and technical communication provides you with opportunities to develop analytical and practical skills in planning, writing, designing, editing, and managing a range of professional texts for print and online publication. The certificate is open to students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs.

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TESOL Certificate

The TESOL Certificate provides you the opportunity to further your education in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages. The certificate helps prepare you to teach English language learners (ELLs) in public/private sectors in the US or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in such contexts overseas. 

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Multicultural Literature Certificate

The Multicultural Literature Certificate offers students the opportunity to develop cultural competencies that are urgently needed in the twenty-first-century workplace and to prepare for graduate study. This certificate provides an option for students who wish to pursue this type of education through sustained study and analysis of literary texts. Students will build their knowledge of cultural diversity by taking courses focused on multi-ethnic American literature and world literatures written in English or read in translation. Courses with a special focus on amplifying the voices of women writers, LGBTQ+ writers, and other marginalized literary artists, including filmmakers, can also be used to fulfill the certificate requirements. 

Undergraduate Catalog’s Multicultural Literature Certificate